Vehicle Booking System

The In-House Computing Vehicle Booking System, or VBS, provides an easy to use method for booking fleet vehicles, or other assets from a central booking authority.

Users access a booking page on the company intranet and place a “booking request”. This is reviewed by the Fleet Manager, and at that time the request may be granted or denied, using the system’s recommendation. If a booking is placed, the user is emaled with the confimed details, and the VBS automatically records the vehicle booking.

When the VBS makes a recommendation for a booking, it automatically takes into account all other existing bookings and known vehicle unavailablilty. Where multilple vehicles are available to satisfy the booking request the VBS will present a list of options to the user.

As well as providing a full log of booking request and booking activity, the VBS provides a graphical overview of bookings, vehicle availabity and “hot spots” where future resource availability may not be sufficient to satisfy demand.

The following screen shot shows the VBS main screen with a single booking request outstanding.