Security and Transportation

In-House Computing has developed a number of solutions that are intended to assist the Security professional in thier day to day activities.  This means tracking, monitoring and recording information which leads to better asset protection.  Our systems are intended to compliment the tools available to Security personal and to make thier activities more efficient and productive.

Key Tracking system. more...

For many environments key security is of prime importance and this system provides a computer readble ( RFID ) system to maintain a database of key locations and holders, as well a a reporting mechaism to maintain 100% confidence.



Vehicle Booking System. more...

Organising the allocation of company vehicle, or other assets in large corporations as weel as small business can prove problematic.  The Vehicle Booking System allows users to place bookings via an Intranet web page. The VBS make recommendations to the Fleet Manager who is then able to place actual bookings for vehicles.  All communication regarding the booking is automatically done handled via email.


Activity Logging. more...

The In-House Computing Activity log application allows multiple users to record the time spent on various activities, or tasks.  The administrator can define tasks, employess and can produce reports by Employee, by Task etc. All logged data is recorded in a central database.

The activty log is very easy to use, and will automatically sign off forgetful users if required.


Vehicle Security Database Application.

This quick and easy to use Database Application allows Security Staff to retrieve information on suspect vehicles using comprehensive “wild card” searching techniques.  Supervisory access allows vehicle details to be entered, which can include Taxation and Insurance details for site vehicles.