Key Security System

The IHC Key Security system uses RFID technology to maintain an electronic log book of key movements.

Users of the system and all keys to be monitored are registered. When users take keys for use, they have thier RFID tags read by the system which then creates a log entry.  When the keys are returned the entry is reversed. At any time the system provides a complete view of what Keys have been taken, who they were taken by and when they were taken.

The System is automatic and easy to use, and can raise alarms if keys are not returned at specific times.

The sample screen shot below shows that system monitoring a num,ber of vehical keys. Note that the system is reporting that there are currently two sets os keys in use - those for the Green Hatchback and those for the YellowSaloon.

When all the keys have been returned to the Key store, the system reports that all keys are accounted for.