Auto ID / Labelling

In-House Computing has over fifteen years experience in the development of high quality data capture solutions using intelligent hand-held barcode scanning devices.  We pride ourselves in our ability to understand your requirements and to develop customised applications that suit your business needs.

Bespoke solutions have been developed for a large number of the different devices availabe in the market today, including devices from Paxar, Intermec, Motorola ( Symbol ), Denso, HHP and LXE.  Please contact us to find out how we can develop your next data capture or labelling application for you.

As well as developing barcode scanning application, we offer label creation and management solutions.

We also have a number of products in the Auto Id / Labelling marketplace and here is a brief list describing our principal products:

Desktop Labelling

LabellerOne is a simple to use, configurable labelling package for small desktop label printers.  It may be configured to print labels using data held in existing Excel spreadsheets for ease of use in low volume or specialist environments. A number of different label styles and printer types can be accommodated, and label print runs can be for single product labels, or for multple copies of a number of product label sets.  The user interface is simple to use.




ScanNprint for the Paxar Ultra. more...

ScanNprint is an easy to use, self configuarble barcode scanning and label printing application for the Paxar Ultra Platinum 6039. User manuals, a demonstration versions and further details are available. Suitable for Price Markdown and other Labelling applications.


Proof of Delivery ( PoD ) System.

Used by couriers, carriers and general logistics operators, the system will record industry standard barcode symbologies, as well as other relevent details such as delivery time, recipient details and delivery exception details where appropriate. Deliveries can be marked off a load list where required.


Warehouse Picking System.

Allows warehouse operators to electronically confirm thier picked items, and item quantity, and to optionally follow a pre-loaded pick sequence. A companion put-away system is also available that records the location of stored goods in order to simplify the picking process.


Asset Tracking and Accounting System.

Where high value equipement or machinary needs to be accounted for, this system provides a quick and simple means to record barcoded identification, as well as optional location information. The system can also be used to record the movement of goods, to/from locations. Output files are created in standard CSV format for easy integration with spreadsheets

All the systems described above can be tailored to meet specific requirements, but at the same time are designed to use industry standards, such as barcode symbology and output file formats.